Muddy surface rippling with rain as it falls heavenward. Below, a faceless earthworm wriggles through the damp earth and opens its mouth for a drink. Unbeknownst to any creature, it sticks it’s head up above the mud surface. The rain begins to intensify. And suddenly it is so full of water it cannot move, it cannot breathe. And so it just lays there, paralyzed until it drowns. The sunny morning after, carcasses of worms litter the sidewalk as suspecting birds come along and after eying them carefully, snap their beaks to go back to their nests and feed their young. Until the sidewalk is all cleaned up. They do it for free. Bird spreads its wings having memorized its way home, beak full of breakfast. It hears other birds sing but cannot answer due to its bounty. She will call back later. These worms fertilize the soil and help give the farmers bounty. Long and grey, circular, fat and flat when drowned and beached. They wriggle slowly. Remember being a kid and finding these worms on the playground blacktop? A shoe would somehow always fall and stomp and kill or maim. The body would split in two or more pieces, sometimes still moving; A gross horror picture show. Quite horrorshow. Especially to happen after lunch. Worm knowledge was never on the path to following my bliss. I learned what I could in school and on schoolyards. Their deaths do not affect me, however I suppose their life does in a way. I wonder if worms suffer from pesticides not meant for them. I think they eat leaves. Is that right? What goes through a bird’s tastebuds that make them go back to worms as nutrients and sustenance? It must taste good to them, no? Muddy puddles under birdfeeders must be like going to ShopRite. Earthworms are fishing bait. A very gross part about fishing. Haven’t been fishing in awhile. Not sure –

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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