Talon Of The Hawk by The Front Bottoms is a near-perfect album and one of my favorites. I have Jersey pride, Ramapo pride. They are one of my favorite bands.

A talon is a long sharp nail, a smaller part of a lethal claw. I see talons as golden and belonging to hawks and vultures; big birds (but not Big Bird). Big Bird does have toes, but not talons. Summer doorsteps, sitting down melding and melting Time, as a cool ice cube begins is seasonal disintegration. The Cure plays loudly in my head sometimes. Cathartic release to listen to Robert Smith wail. Tradesmen flock to conventions to encourage a mass ego-stroking caveat. Lonely lumberyards remain abandoned. Watch your little dogs lest they be scooped up by raving and raging bird predator. Slicing to facts of life, unpretty truths that will make your skin crawl and your lip curl. I don’t want to be leftover and ravaged and scavenged. Reducting chemistry kits and science experiments. Flocking over to simple protection.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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