Squares that make up part of the whole. Tile floors in my bathroom and kitchen. Nonna used to have white octagonal titles (or hexagonal?) in her connecting dining room / living room. With a black or brown grout, I guess? I think those tiles were the same titles through her history in that house, from the 70s. Those titles must remember little feet growing into bigger feet. Slow walks and quick little steps. That floor held a dining room table that hosted meals beyond your wildest dreams; Stuffed manicotti and pastina on cold winter days – I can feel the warmth of the broth and hear the sound of metal cutlery diving into the tomato sauce and ricotta. Always bread and pecorino romano cheese – I can feel the pillowy softness the bread’s freshness, and my tastebuds accepting the salty promise of that cheese. A can of Pepsi or Sierra Mist – I can hear the can click open and feel the bubbles dancing in my mouth. Chick peas, turkey on Thanksgiving. I can taste carrots, potatoes, and chicken. Too many meals to count. So many people convened at the table. Most of them are gone now, including my Nonna. But if the tile could talk…

I grew up in that house. I must’ve fallen on that tile a bunch of times as a kid. I wonder where the markings are. If you were to roll back time like a rewound lottery, where would those spots be? Tile…When Nonna moved in with us we got our first floor bathroom redone to be more accommodating to her needs, as well as give it a nice update. The bathroom now stands as a sort of shrine to Botticelli; The Birth of Venus is exemplified throughout it. But the tile work, especially on the walls is nice and exquisite. Little tiny tiles create a border around the small space. They are greenish; the kind of green that calls to the ocean and aquatic life more than anything. Maybe there are about 4 rows of these little tiles. I like to touch them sometimes and feel their smoothness.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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