Black and white pieces declaring war across a wooden checkerboard. You need Time to play chess. We’re a big chess family. My brother is incredibly talented at it. If you ever have the opportunity to take his Knights, TAKE THEM. He can be ruthless with them. I love the thrill and the logic involved at solving the puzzle we throw ourselves into. I am not a power-hungry person, but you don’t have to be to love the game of chess. If there is any IQ test, that should be a good one. It is a meditation. Best done in silence with little distraction. Music might be able to sound quietly in the background, but it must be uncomplicated and simple or I will start trying to solve that puzzle. Once I started learning music theory in college, I couldn’t have music on while I did my homework. It became ridiculously distracting as I subconsciously attempted to analyze every song that came my way. Gregorian Chant worked up ’til a point. But even that became too much. I like the quiet. My introverted soul craves it. It’s what she uses to recharge. I like playing chess to recharge. Wizard’s Chess. Harry Potter. What an excellent idea. I want to play. My closing moves are shit and need work. But they say practice makes better, so I guess I”ll just keep on playing. Momentary silences – I try to grab them. Take a slice of them for myself and use them to soothe myself. We have metallic pieces.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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