Trembling lips, crying in the cold. Waters flow in opposite directions, rewinding the moments on behalf of Blockbuster. Saint-like ornamental celebrations. Catching auras like vibes in a strange city I do not know. Dreamcatchers work their magic without any further delays. A chill, a ghost brushing past. Dark, damp, cold. Wet rain after a frozen spell. Dirty hands getting washed in the sink. Mind over manners. Typical attitude. Friday’s forgotten all over again. Memory retention and suspension. Lullaby’s lull us by Tuesday. Succinct preamble. Choked on hold. Mulberry St all the way down. Sacred sacrum I will protect. Gentle like glass, like porcelain. Mild napping. Like, a frog has see-through eyelids. Neverminding great, giant gaps. Coming up short on the run. Quarter of a century year old. 25. How the wine must taste. Nervousness trembling. Scared and anxious. Runaway Suzie. Tricks of the trade. Windsock downcast on an overcast day. Singing to water droplets keeping time, catching drips in the kitchen sink. Wondrous worms crawl up.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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