Rockin’ robins tweet willfully carrying elongated tweets offline through their beaks and in the air for all to hear. Carrying their life-purpose through their birdsong. What are they saying? I often think about how birds have gotten louder over time, as noise pollutions has become greater. Especially now, it is fascinating to listen to the birds sing. Have you ever heard a bird mimic a car alarm? I have. The sonorous horn and wail of whistles, rhythmically pulsing on and on ad infinitum, like the owner doesn’t even realize what is happening. Must’ve sat on his keys, or his kid got a hold of it and started pressing buttons. But the birds – maybe they think it’s another bird – once it shuts off, I’ve heard them call out to it in similar tones and rhythms, awaiting a cognizant reply.

A year or so ago my dad put up birdfeeders in the front and back of the yard. We buy birdseed at the supermarket and fill up this large, tall, rectangular containers with the seed. The birds love it and flock to our yard. Squirrels also hang near and bottom feed with whatever falls from the birds mouths. Some birds are very picky. The squirrel takes two paws and holds a sunflower seed to its mouth; nibbling, nose twitching, scanning. I love sunflower seeds and grains, but I could never live off of them like birds. It is so peaceful to watch them in the morning in the summertime. I wake up early and go sit on the backyard deck to meditate before the heat and humidity takes over. At first, the birds scatter – morning doves, cardinals, crows, budgies, robins, blue jays! – but once I open my eyes back up, they have recognized my stillness as a non-threat, or think I must be some statue. Having opened my eyes, I watch them a little bit longer. When I stand back up, they scatter again.

When I was younger, we had pet birds for awhile – parakeets. I think we only had one or two, but not at the same time. I remember the first one being a brilliant green color. I think we bought it at Nutley Pet Shop. I vaguely remember it dying. I’m not sure how long we had it, but it feels like awhile. I’m not even sure how old I was. I had some friends who had –

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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