Playing The Sims in a humid basement as a kid. Compaq PC. Cluttered space. Dark, dim, scary. But strangely comforting in its isolation. I would get terrified whenever the music would sound that someone was robbing the house. The eerie, dissonant, high-pitched screen of … strings? synth? I would become paralyzed with fear. The pause buttons would darken out. I couldn’t go into Buy or Build mode. Here before I knew cheat codes. Black masked, unknown Sim with a sack. Could only rouse my Sim and get them to the phone as quickly as possible to call the police if I didn’t already have an alarm installed in the house. I miss the days of playing with those virtual worlds. Able to let go of reality and the present moment. So much fun I had, despite the mini-dramatic horror that would occur during robberies and fires. Fires too were terrifying. Have you ever accidentally burned your Sim where they incinerated on the spot? Nothing left but an urn once they perished? Fires spread quickly, especially when they’re at work. Learned my lessons many hard ways by making sure there was a fire alarm installed by anything remotely close to catching fire. Also always made sure my Sims’ cooking skills were up.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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