Regretful tattoo on a tricep facing outwards so the reader my comprehend its inane stupidity due to a ridiculous spelling error. Permanence with no erasure. I’d want to wear long-sleeves forever. Heartbroken rules yanking on a pull chain. Three roads to nowhere spins circles like bubbles. Turning off decadence now. Dark chocolate covered cherries on the bottom of a coat closet in the dead heat of August. Waking umbrella footpath leading to an unknown garden. Rain drops, dew drops don’t mess with the mess around. Ray Charles basking in blue lighted smoke internally gazing himself down, penning a song, getting the feeling right. I do not feel strong. Sometimes I just get tired. Paperweight depression sinking stone into Passaic River. Biopsy this element of life. To lay down and wash away; Ocean baptism where John The Baptist is a peyote-fueled blur. Mistaken identity of a barber for a prince. Life as we know it is bleating.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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