White and grey rabbit.  I had a childhood friend who had pet rabbits living underneath the outdoor-accessible crawl space of their house. I thought it was so cool and cute that they lived there. The little bunnies scampering around, noses twitching, hopping over the woodchip strewn floor. And we sat there for awhile and watched them.

A few weeks ago when I was food shopping with my mom, we were in the meat department picking up chicken and Beyond Beef, and in a freezer case to our left, my mom asked, “What is that?” I turned to look and there is a large, dark piece of meat of some sort, perhaps about a foot long. It looks like a very dark (and thicker) pork loin. I walked over to the case and peered at the label. It was a whole rabbit. I was comically surprised and simultaneously disgusted. With all the products that were sold out and or were limited to 1, there was no limit here on rabbits (or pork, mind you). What would you even do with a whole frozen rabbit? Stew, I suppose? Yuck!

My mom tells a story about when she was younger and her and her sisters had a pet rabbit. The one day came home and the rabbit was missing. Turns out my Zia Angelina cooked it. And my mom and her sisters were all upset and cried. I would’ve too. But in Sicily, this was probably something done as part of normal, everyday life when dinner time came around. But in America, not so much!

Easter is coming, surprisingly enough. And I think all my life I have gone to church, brunch, lunch, dinner, whatever it was – In light, bright springy colors. Whites and greens and pinks and light blues. I dress up, maybe get my hair done, and have a nice meal and see my family. This year is very different. The highlight of my Easter will be watching Andrea Bocelli since live from Milan’s Duomo to an exclusively televised audience. I wonder how that will feel for him. Since he cannot see, I’d imagine it will feel and sound different by not having people present.

I think slang for cocaine is called White Rabbit. It’s also a Jefferson Airplane song. I guess rabbits are these token Easter mascots because they represent springtime and nicer days and weather ahead. When I was a child, Easter was always a nice excuse to eat sweets and chocolate in the morning, to reap in the treasures that the Easter Bunny brought. No egg hunts this year though. All indoors, or privately outdoor.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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