John Cage painting rainbows without paint or a brush. It’s the world around you, your experience of it. Find peace is silence and non-doing. Tao, I Ching. Library gates open up to reveal hidden, unassuming treasures. These bindings with prepared tree product and ink can change your life, if you just settle down. If you just be quiet. It is a secular church of knowledge and it deserves respect. Quiet. Lovely and deafening. I love when I can’t even hear a car or a plane. Some Southern, autumn, country glow. I won’t open my eyes until I’m ready. Silent except for the beating of my heart and the moving of my eyelids. The pulse running through my veins to remind that I am not truly ever alone. Wishing well. Backwards coin toss. Pennies from heaven. Cobblestone and brick. A tranquil, damp place when it’s cloudy and a bunny rabbit dances across your path, it’s grey fur blending in like a chameleon to its environment. Flick the switch in your head. See the world in color and black and white. Dream in color and black and white. 4″33′ blows my mind every time. Noise is never noise. It is music, it is.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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