paper clip

Metal paper clip, holding it all together. They come in different colors and different shapes and sizes. Office supply accessories. Have you ever unraveled a paper clip? To where it is a wiggly, almost-straight metal line? Once you unravel it, you can’t bend it back. It won’t be the same. Wonder what the paper clip factory looks like. Who thought of such an invention? Paper clips just remind me of work and school. Papers and filing. The little magnetic rectangular box. Black on top, clear on the bottom. Alternatives – staples, glue, and tape. And that black and metal clamp, for more pages. The concept of organization, of keeping things together in this chaotic world. It does no one any good be unorganized. Except for perhaps visual artists with their art, I’d imagine. Paint the patio red. Absorbing sunbeams after buttering bread. Coppertone babies and Dear You. Morton Salt. MacGyver. Play ice skates wrapped in felt and paper clip skate. Christmas tree ornaments. Arts and crafts at school. Construction paper. The heavy weightedness, the rough feel, the different colors. Burnt Orange. The sound and feel of Fiskars scissors diving in and cutting a circle after tracing it in pencil first. These tactile memories, over 25 years old, probably. I can taste the Nilla Wafers and diluted Fruit Punch of my preschool years at the Early Learning Center in Fairfield. The sweetness cancelled itself out before naptime. I remember what the rug looked like, the table, the chairs, the bathroom. Memories stay forever in mind cubbies. I remember the jungle gym well. Ice Cream Trucks. Subjective perspective. Playing in Dad’s office with the office supplies. The tape dispenser can be a dinosaur, it’s heavy sand weighing it down as I pick it up. Paper weights and paper clips, and pens and legal pads. Easily entertained at such a young age.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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