“The Taste of Ink” by The Used was quite a frequented song on my iPod as a teenager. I probably listened and cried / emoted to that song 100 times. Bert McCracken on Vans Warped Tour. I used to watch Fuse a lot in those days. I loved that channel. That was my MTV. In fact I preferred music television channels in this order then:

  1. Fuse
  2. VH1
  3. MTV

Those early 2000s. Probably ’04-’09, or so. Seems like yesterday, but seems like forever, seems like another lifetime. In any event, I think ink would taste a lot like how it smells…Trying to remember if ever in my lifetime I have tasted ink…It kind of smells like paint. Dullish, chemicalish, mellow and not bright.

In 4th grade (I suppose before PCs were ubiquitous), we began to write papers (or essays) in order to prepare for some Standardized test…GEPAs were 8th…HESPAs were 11th…I can’t remember when they were called in 4th grade…Guess I’ll have to look that one up. Prewrites were done on plain, smooth grey paper. This usually consisted of creating a plot diagram; A circled idea in the middle with lines going out to other circles/bubbles relating to that idea. Then came the rough draft done in print, in pencil, on yellow, lined paper. Once that was graded and marked up by the teacher, we were to complete our final drafts on our pristine, white, lined paper in cursive, using erasable pen. In 4th grade, erasable pen was a pretty big deal. I had a blue Bic erasable pen. Of course, the ink didn’t erase that well, but it was some recognition of growing up, not being a kid anymore. I wonder what they do in 4th grade nowadays. Well, now it’s all on the computer because everyone is schooling at home. I was in 4th grade from 2000-2001. Again, a lifetime ago. So far, it’s as if these memories are not my own. I remember exactly where I sat in English class, farthest from the door, closest to the window, Maybe 2 or 3 desks from the front of the room where the teacher’s desk sat. She was formidable, that teacher.

I actually saw her again, years and years –

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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