Don’t tell me what to say! The way you explain, verbose in every way. It doesn’t take that many words to convey a meaning as simple as that. You open your mouth and a dictionary flies out. I hope a toothache stops you from English Professor-esque terrorization. Pedantic causalty of higher education, living an an ivory tower made of milled soap. A lighthouse of despair. Leeches and Harry Potter-world merpeople clutching on, sucking the life out of you and me. Dancing in darkness with a blacklight strobe light. It’s a labyrinthian social maze in fall. Autumn. Hayride. Question. I am the Queen of Lightning. Everywhere I case my gaze my anger strikes. I am stricken with a lack of self-control. Pouring out everything like rain on damp, humid summer nights where you don’t have be a meteorological professional to guess what’s going to happen. It will rain. It will pour. It was be frightening. It will flood. The odds are 5 million to one. Dare you bet against me? Comic book strips, you’re spitting them out and littering the floor. Infractions, all. Clean up your act, clean up the planet. So many words, just let them rip, let them out, I don’t care anymore. Your gale force wins with your demons.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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