saran wrap

My memories with saran wrap are a little more uncommon than most.

A lifetime sufferer of hyperhidrosis (hands and feet), around 2014 I was seeing a podiatrist and mentioned the problem, as it was impossible to examine my foot without noticing the elephant in the room. He was very gracious and told me not to be ashamed of it. He smiled and was kind and put me at ease. I was so nervous, always have been. Butterflies in my stomach, bees in my chest; He prescribed me a a prescription-grade topical cream to put on my hands and feet at night to prevent them from sweating over time. However, what I later learned after reading the instructions is that I would have to apply the cream at night time, and go to bed with hands and feet wrapped in saran wrap.

My already damp hands (damp now) with cream slathered (making them more wet and damp), and then with the uncomfortable, flimsy, clear shield of saran wrap – Sleeping was no longer enjoyable. I tried though. I really did. Until I couldn’t take it anymore, because truthfully the topical wasn’t helping. Nothing ever quite has helped it. I like to think I tried for a week or two, but ended up with a deep well of disappointment. The cream smelled like how you would imagine it to smell; prescription-grade medicine-like powdery sweet. The crinkling on my hands from the saran wrap uncomfortable, constantly slipping off. I couldn’t read before bed, or really do anything once I committed to the wrap. Tossing and turning and fidgeting like a leaf stuck in polluted river. Once morning came I was so eager to pull off my self-imposed restraints. In the past I have tried other creams and Botox needles. Carpe cream is something I should really give a go again, but it dries out my hands, turning them into paper-mache, thin rice crisp consistency, especially in the winter and spring when it’s cold. The tops of my hands are still struggling now as a combination of the weather and the constant washing of my hands.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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