A hall of mirrors at the fairground. Sebastian finds himself deep enough inside that he can no longer determine where he entered this forsaken attraction. He looks all around to see distorted projections of himself. To his left, short and stout; his right, tall and lanky; straight ahead, his body has taken on a zig-zag shape. He looks up at the ceiling and seems incredibly far away. Every step forward is a creak. There is eerie, demented music playing over the sound of kids laughing and screaming. He nervously swallows and tastes the mixture of the salty popcorn and sweet cotton candy, he had only consumed moments ago. The tastes still dance alive on his tongue and for a moment, he regrets having eaten anything at all before coming in here. His palms prickly with sweat, he turns the corner and nearly has a heart attack as a zombie pops out of the ceiling, crackling a deep maniacal laugh. His heart is pounding and has taken over his body, he has forgotten how to breathe. But wait – a glimmer of light up ahead – he’s almost through, almost out. He can smell the fairground again, full of sweet and savory carnival food delights. He follows the light, and the scent and finally exits the hall of mirrors, relieved and triumphant. His friends are waiting for him on the other side.

“Took you long enough!” said Edward.

“He looks sick. Did you throw up you scaredy-cat?” questioned David.

Emily smiles, says nothing, and grabs his hand and they all begin to walk away.

He denies everything and suggests they go on the ferris wheel, where extreme heights are way more preferable than scary mirrors. They give their tickets at the entrance of the ride and enjoy the light fall breeze and cool air of the night, as they ascend higher and –

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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