Crying crocodile tears in the sunshine. Disjuncture to a beautiful summer’s day. Crocodile tears over jazz saxophone melodies. Sunglasses mandatory. Birthday hat and streamers, kazoos to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’. Balloons in red, yellow, blue, and light green swaying in the breeze, gently knocking in the wind. They are tied to folding chairs in multicolored ribbon. White frosting on a supermarket cake, still she cries. She wears a pretty white dress, has turned two-years-old and cannot appreciate all the outpouring of love dedicated to her on this day. Backyard party smash, a success except for the guest of honor. The grill is going, the radio plays, there is a good volume of chatter as her mother holds her on her hip, kisses her forehead and rubs her back. Her white headband has been knocked askew on her head. Taking a tissue her mother dries her tears. She breathes heavy, but begin to calms down.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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