How do I write about a dog without gushing over my Mario? Peanut butter chocolate Fluff coat. Cuddly, kissable, smiling ear to ear. Wicked fast, he is freight train to the front lines of a medical crisis. Perfect until he’s stubborn and won’t listen. Easily forgiven. Going on walks, playing with a bright neon tennis ball. He loves outside, the yard, his little doggie friends at daycare. He is asleep next to me, warm and lethargic. I loves chewing and destroying his toys. Aside from balls, he likes antlers and Kong toys. He loves treats. And bacon. When we first got him (a year ago this June), he was very hesitant to come out of his crate and be himself. But then Mom made bacon and that was the end of it; Then he started to show his personality and we all got to know each other. All it took was a little coaxing with bacon to get that tail to wag. He’s like a little baby now, wrapped in a plaid shawl that used to my mom’s. He wears a little sweater when it’s cold. He loves to snuggle and cuddle. Very pro-blankets. He’s be sleeping so much lately. But he’s so cute, how could we mind. I love this little poochie with my whole heart. I love his little paws and his black and white claws.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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