Twin Gemini Stars. Jet Lag Gemini. Baseball Club Sandwich. Identical freckles and hair color. Not sure if I could handle being a twin. After 29 years of not being a twin, I’d find it kind of trippy if I had a doppelganger all along. The Fall Of Troy.  Twin bed, Twin Sized Mattress, The Front Bottoms blasting out of a car window on a cool summer evening. Two of a kind, two of the same. Modern miracles. Harder pregnancy. Baseball thrown into it’s glove. Smell of the dirt, littering the ground with sunflower seed shells; how they sometimes splinter off and get stuck in your teeth. Little hellish pinpricks on your gums. Big League Chew. Recreation Softball. Alfonso Soriano. New York Yankee dreams from a girl swinging and aluminum bat. Running as fast as I can to first base. Any game could be disappointing or exciting. Skeletal twins, medical marvel mystery.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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