Regal juxtaposed royalty and power. The Queen of Hearts with red lipstick on in whiteface, two perfect circles encompass her cheeks, filled in red to match her lipstick. Playing card hegemony, it’s expected. Golden patterns, encrusted jewels. Bright and distracting, glints in the sun. The sun, a symbol for the king or queen, depending on the time. Heavy crown, thick robes, fur-lined. Drag queens too. Royalty. A word that sounds regal to the lips and tongue as it makes that sound and shape. Red carpet leads to the throne. Abuse of the throne leads to beheading. Going off with her head. Dismembered royalty. Dismembered, misremembered royalty. I could write it all down, but what if I get the words wrong? What if someone got paid off to say something that wasn’t really true. Controlling the narrative. Policing vocabulary. Newt Gingrich. What a blockhead. GOP strategy. Someone call on a queen to oust these polarized politics and call order once and for all.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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