If you have a quarter, you can stick it in my neck

I can unironically recite all the words to Saves The Day’s “Jukebox Breakdown”. It is one of my favorite songs, favorite riffs of all time. Stay What You Are.

Rainbow, inviting computer machine. Back when the Franklin Steakhouse was closer to Yantacaw School (and not the high school), and when a heavy smell and haze of smoke clouded the interior, I remember the jukebox to the right of the entrance, glowing, inviting, pulling me to play a song and take my money. My young lungs, accustomed to the smoke, did not hesitate to breathe in deeply and post myself when there was a wait, and at the very least, I would just flip through the jukebox selections. At that point, it was all CDs. Once in awhile my mom would let me put some money in so we could hear a song while we waited for a table to open up. It would be such a thrill. Even flipping through the pages of songs was fun. How they would move by air.

Before Cowan’s opened and I’d go to The Rock with friends in Passaic, there also was a jukebox. But At least 15 years had passed since my Steakhouse memory (and the jukebox – and possibly the Steakhouse – was long gone by then), but The Rock jukebox was all digital, touch screen. It took credit cards and cash, not quarters (at least not that I remember). But we still had fun and put on songs that we loved. I remember putting on “At Your Funeral”; Stay What You Are.

Some generalized sentence about music and how it makes you feel no pain. But the fact of the matter is that it transcends that statement, and there are no words to express the experience without sounding pathetic.

Jukebox royalties. Jukebox Royalty. I feel –

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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