Beach weather. Sunglasses shade my tired eyes. Warm sand nestles in between my eager toes. To be at ease and settled, with the rhythm of the water as the sound of seagulls pan right to left; They circle around the family breaking out for lunch. I watch them from my beach chair and smile. I smell the salt of the ocean and the baking sand. The sun’s rays caress my skin all at once. It bakes me whole again; Vacation. A gull cries out as a wave crests and tumbles to meet its mother, absorbed back into the aquatic Great Link. The sun’s rays evaporate ocean droplets on my skin after a dip. I drape my towel over my legs and lean back as I bask in brightness. No one knows me here. I am in comfort and at peace. When I meditate and am cued to picture a ray of warm sunlight streaming down my body, I bring myself back to these beach days. That is the image I conjure. It is the most pleasant warmth I have ever felt. Sipping on water left in the sun, munching on a grape or peach. Summer fruit. I feel so warm it’s as if I could get picked up and carried to the sky by the sun; Watch over the shoreline to see all the colorful umbrellas, families watching their kids grow up in slow motion. I sometimes will take home a cool looking rock or shell if it strikes my fancy.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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