Steel worker looking for work because the factory closed down. Forward-thinking neo-human knows how to work with his hand, but at times neglects his mind. Eyes downward-cast thinking of a saddened time when he was younger. Cold, hard steel; Could hold up a building, could kill man. Heated up and flexible. Impervious to simple destructive deceit, but not totally impervious. Sipping frozen lemonade through a red and white straw, sitting on bleachers at a local baseball game. Still does not make a comfortable seat. Or aluminum or tin. Before you know it, you ass has fallen asleep as you try to shift your weight from one cheek to the other to get the blood flow moving again. Oreo milkshake made in a steel cup, conductor of heat, preserver of cold. That stainless steel in the kitchen. Keeping the pots and pans clean after a big meal. Mother Goose holds a basket filled with grass (both real and fake) and Easter eggs. In each one there is chocolate and a nursery rhyme. She wears glasses and kerchief.

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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