These rocks and minerals have vibrational energies that cultivate, enhance, or dispel other energies (and vibes). Cool to touch in the palm of my hand, recharged by the rays of the moon from an open window. Not usually transparent. Crystal glasses line a dining room table for a fine dining experience. Sometimes just Thanksgiving at home. Holding these crystals in my hand, I close my eyes and feel their vibrations. It rests on my forehead. I’m laying down, bringing my hands and feet to touch and I can feel its magic course through my body. It’s like I am a closed ring of pulsating light. It brings awareness to my Self. Kind of cloudy clarity color. Gazing through a crystal ball. Predict the future, touch the past, all in the present. Tarot cards and psychics. Rugs and dusty furniture. Tablecloths with tassels.  Waiting room anxiety. $20s go flying. It is quiet and smells of incense. Cutting through a Lipton tea bag and examining its wet contents. Everybody wants to know their future. But even sometimes when I do, I secretly don’t.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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