Green light handshake car dealership plaid suit. Agreement. Smile through all your teeth. Genuine approach or secret ulterior motive, agreement. Freshly manicured lawn, manicured fingernails, dust dead zone in your home agreement. Each car leaves every suburban driveway at 8:05 am agreement. It’s understood. Smiling 1950s husband provider, uniform nuclear family life. The dress comes down to her ankles. And she looks stunning. For such an early hour with hair and makeup done like a Hollywood starlet, only to do the shopping and clean house and watch the children. No one watches her. But this was understood in her agreement. So what if you want to amend that agreement? And realize you’re capable of something more? There must be discussion. And the possibility might be realized that it will not be agreed upon. And either she was sink further into her shell or defy everything. You can always sink, but the mood’s right, that mood may never come again to rebel. Sometimes in depression, it can be easy to talk yourself out of. If you feel on fire, the truth is you should go for it.

Agree through gritted teeth. When the arm of justice leans on you and will not let up. When it does no good, too much wasted energy to fight back. When sometimes the justice system fails and we must sign agreements that we moral don’t agree with, but must make concessions when it comes to making the most of our future. Even though we morally may not agree, we must buckle down, bite our tongue, and move forward.

Agreements in terms of money. I can taste the sweet saliva filtering through my mouth at the prospect of closing a deal. Hear the ding of the cash register. The motivator. Feel flesh on flesh in my hand. It’s business. “Business is Business” a section of the documentary, Get Me Roger Stone that my mom was watching the other night. Re-watching really; We’ve all seen it.

We can agree that this is a mess of a post. It is scattered and not narrative. But this is how it happened. Life is messy, and only narrative when we mean it to be or reflect back on it as such. Waiting rooms can be as big as you imagine them to be. The choice, perspective and ex

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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