Red and pink Starbursts fall from the sky falling into your mouth whenever you want them to. You just stick out your tongue and they land, unwrapped. Sometimes two at a time, sometimes in combination. Constant warmth and comfort, being your toes feeling. A little, light flutter in your soul to bring yourself back to whenever your mind wanders. Almost drowning, but eventually swimming in lover’s eyes. Deep gaze that could get you addicted, change your life. One touch feeling like tectonic plates moving and shifting. This is what it feels like to be in love. Two souls’ understanding, two bodies wishing to become one. Fulfilling that desire becomes a feverish goal. Seeing beauty whenever there’s not, finding hope in desperate situations. Learning to let go and recognize the little things that are sometimes know to get our goat.

Heart-shaped rose-colored glasses, white delicate doilies as an extra layer around our heart. It’s no use, it will not do anything, but it is pretty and perfect. Holding hands, sharing electricity on satin sheets. The longing and desire when apart. Thinking you hear your loved one speaking, only to turn around and realize it’s just someone else who just sounded similar. The disappointment. The blip of melancholy as you try to pull yourself from irrational thought. The fulfillment of the desire of the heart, should be every human goal, despite it’s sometimes impossibility to find and express it. Because it is better than Valentine’s Day chocolate, roses, and card. When people get strung out on drugs, this is really the thing they are seeking; Love. That blissful feeling and promise that everything will be alright. The comfort in the fact someone loves you back. But these emotional discoveries in Life are not always guaranteed. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are made on us. Sometimes we’re known to spin out and make a bad choice, just to feel okay for one night sometimes has rep-

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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