Writing Exercise #5

  1. smoky conversation –  In the after-hours jazz club, the playful, flirtatious back-and-forth added to the already sultry and smoky conversation of the night.
  2. refried railroad – Repairs at the station were going poorly after the storm. Electricity had been restored, but ended up shorting out when a live wire touched the wet, metallic track. The refried railroad would not be up and running any time soon.
  3. hollow rain forest –  With the environmental protections eliminated from the land, its precious resources had been completely stripped. Now the hollow rain forest lay empty and bare, knowing only the sad, whispers of the wind in its wake.
  4. understated eyebrows – She took a dark pencil and began filling in her otherwise understated eyebrows.

  1. smoky railroad – My first journey to venture outside the village, I approached the train station with fear and apprehension, mixed with an undertone of excitement. It was then I could hear the train whistle and the smoky railroad call to me to follow its distant tracks.
  2. smoky rain forest – Completely incinerated, the smoky rain forest found itself scarce of the wild animal and plant life it had housed just days before.
  3. smoky eyebrows – Her last day as a lounge singer, Deirdre found herself in the green room, crying silently. She removed her makeup with a damp washcloth, and removed her fake lashes alongside the ends of her smoky eyebrows.
  4. refried conversation – The high school reunion was such a bore, full of loud club music, the clatter of plates and drink glasses, the room awash in refried conversation of what once was.
  5. refried rain forest – It had burned once, it had burned twice. Now this refried rain forest would not know life until it’s ground and soil had healed.
  6. refried eyebrows – Sizzling in the electric chair for the second time in a week, each individual hair found on Marjorie’s refried eyebrows was standing at attention, spiked with electricity.
  7. hollow conversation – The funeral had taken such a toll on him, energy depleted, he did not even have the energy to exchange pleasantries and exchange hollow conversation.
  8. hollow railroad – Noticing the wrong construction materials, the engineers were aghast; the hollow railroad shouldn’t have been hollow at all.
  9. hollow eyebrows – The regime’s statue of its leader came crumbling down, breaking and splitting the hollow eyebrow in half of the man who once was in power only weeks ago.
  10. understated conversation – Setting up the details of the drug deal in a public place like the police station, he ensured everything was conveyed in a very understated conversation.
  11. understated railroad – In the quiet rolling hills in the North, you could just miss the understated railroad if it wasn’t for the loud whistle in the distance.
  12. understated rain forest – Surrounded by sugar cane, the understated rain forest was kept secret by the men who worked the land on the insistence of their masters, as it was their only true home.

Author: Roe

29. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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