Writing Exercise #4

Adjectives Group #1

  1. Obtuse
  2. Yellow
  3. Morose
  4. Stale
  5. Dull

Nouns Group #1

  1. Nun
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Train
  4. Dog
  5. Policeman

Sentences / Short Paragraphs

  • Obtuse nun – Slow on the uptake, the obtuse nun didn’t realize she was actually talking to Jesus.
  • Obtuse refrigerator – Custom made for the Picasso-like kitchen, the obtuse refrigerator cost a fortune to make.
  • Obtuse train – Anxiety chugging on railroad tracks laid with racing thoughts, a dog chasing it’s tail in an absurd circle of theoretical nonsense, my mind felt like an obtuse train on the loose with broken brakes.
  • Obtuse dog – After the owner threw the stick and said, “fetch”, the obtuse dog just stood there sitting and panting, gazing after the thrown projectile.
  • Obtuse policeman – Not understanding the girl was autistic, the obtuse policeman handcuffed her and threw her in the back of his car.
  • Yellow nun – In fear of her life, and with a poor moral compass to guide her, the yellow nun gave up the location of the hideaways.
  • Yellow refrigerator – 1950s kitchen, complete with mellow yellow refrigerator with a long pull handle.
  • Yellow train – Yellow train in a Lisa Frank daydream.
  • Yellow dog – Afraid of what might happen if he jumped the fence, the yellow dog cowered with his tail between in legs.
  • Yellow policeman – The yellow policeman lied on the stand to cover up the crime.
  • Morose nun – Frequently having crises of faith, the morose nun debated whether there really was an after-life.
  • Morose refrigerator – In the dark, abandoned house even the refrigerator seemed morose.
  • Morose train – Sheets of rain coming down, the darkened sky painting the night black, the morose train trudged on through the storm, letting on out an angry whistle with inky black smoke billowing through it’s smokestack.
  • Morose dog – He was nursing a bite from the morose dog across the street.
  • Morose policeman – Fed up with crime and the judicial system, the morose policeman’s pessimism had him thinking about quitting the force.
  • Stale nun – Wobbling to the front of the church, the old, stale nun was having difficulty delivering communion to the priest.
  • Stale refrigerator – That stale, yellow refrigerator was still in the kitchen from 1958 and overdue to be replaced.
  • Stale train – With rust on the wheels, that stale train was going nowhere fast.
  • Stale dog – Barely able to lift his head, the stale dog would be going the heaven soon.
  • Stale policeman – Having lost the strength over time to squeeze the trigger of his firearm, the stale policeman began thinking of other ways of suicide.
  • Dull nun – The dull nun prayed and went to bed before 8 PM.
  • Dull refrigerator – The yellow, stale refrigerator from 1958 was dull with faded paint, barely keeping things cold anymore.
  • Dull train – Desperately needing a fresh coat of paint, the dull train pushed on.
  • Dull dog – The dull dog slept all day, totally disinterested in the beautiful weather outside.
  • Dull policeman – The dull policeman ignorantly twiddled his thumbs as the robbery took place right in front of him.

Adjectives Group #2

  1. Parched
  2. Smoky
  3. Exuberant
  4. Uptight
  5. Maroon

Nouns Group #2

  1. Yoga
  2. Love
  3. Music
  4. Postman
  5. Space

Sentences / Short Paragraphs

  • Parched yoga – Downward dog in the middle of the arid desert made for some parched yoga.
  • Parched love – The foundation of their marriage was crumbling like a kind of parched love.
  • Parched music – Lack of dynamism and instrumentation and the repetition of the same four notes made for some parched music.
  • Parched postman – At the height of summer having conducted his route without so much as a drop of water, the parched postman nearly passed out.
  • Parched space — A tumbleweed blew by the parched space in the desert.
  • Smoky yoga – The incense overpowered the room, making for a smoky yoga class that day.
  • Smoky love – Blue floodlights and the soft strong tones of the jazz singer. A cigarette left burning on the ashtray. Smoky love in the air, ready to ignite.
  • Smoky music – The rich timbre of the tenor saxophone and the thick thump of the upright bass made for a smoky kind of music.
  • Smoky postman – Downing a pint after his shift, the smoky postman lit a stogie at the bar, unbuttoning the top of his uniform.
  • Smoky space – The home had completely burned from the inside out, all that was left was smoky space.
  • Exuberant yoga – Sun salutations into mountain pose on the beach felt so good. It was the most exuberant yoga I’ve every experienced.
  • Exuberant love – Falling head over heels for the girl in minutes flat, Marcus’s whole identity became consumed by his exuberant love.
  • Exuberant music – All the musicians had taken ecstasy before the performance making their set some of the most exuberant music they’ve ever performed.
  • Exuberant postman – The day before his retirement, the exuberant postman could be found skipping down the block with his mailbag.
  • Exuberant space – The birthday party was nothing but an exuberant space for these old friends.
  • Uptight yoga – The instructor was a previous military general with little to no yoga experience and teacher training. His instruction made for an uptight yoga class that I despised.
  • Uptight love – Gaslighting, manipulation, and pathologically lying had created a toxic relationship surrounded by a haze of uptight love.
  • Uptight music – The uptight music venue had so many rules about what could and couldn’t be played and said on stage, that many of the bands backed out of the performance.
  • Uptight postman – The uptight postman refused to take any package or envelope that did not have a return address label.
  • Uptight space – The accountants’ offices during tax season became the most uptight space; The anxiety and tension were palpable.
  • Maroon yoga – Heart forward, an aura surrounded her maroon yoga practice.
  • Maroon love – Her Valentine’s Day card gushed of a maroon love, known of only by those who had immediately fallen head over heels with their crush.
  • Maroon music – Sad, forlorn love songs had the hotel club awash in maroon music; Couples slow-danced together, all resigned to at least secretly admitting that their breakup with imminent.
  • Maroon postman – Having just dropped LSD, Abe looked out his window to find a disfigured, maroon postman approaching his house.
  • Maroon space –  So deep in love for so long, my heart had become a kind of maroon space; I could see no faults or flaws, only beauty and perfection in my beloved.

Author: Roe

29. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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