The steak hits the pan with a loud sizzle. It’s ongoing, the sound filling the kitchen. Cast iron skillet food network dream. Butter rapidly melts and is spooned over. Seasoned with herbs with expert hands. Mashed potatoes are generously dolloped on pristine white plates. As the diner takes his white cloth napkin and delicately unravels it, putting it on his lap. Placing it carefully. Cold fork and knife ready to dive into something delicious. Something that will feed the soul, as well as the stomach. The steak gets flipped. The smell is wonderfully aromatic. Rosemary sprigs garnish the plate. A light black char graces the steak. Cooked more rare than medium, a little more rare than medium rare. The chef wipes a bead of sweat that has slipped from under his tall white hat. He wipes it with back of hand, closer to his thumb. The kitchen is hot and buzzing assembly line. Tantalizing with all it’s potential tastes and smells. A pot of sauce, for a different dish, gets stirred.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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