Raspberry squeezing lips together sweet tart deliciousness. Bakery treat. Linzer tart. Gooey sticky jelly candy rainbow Lisa Frank unicorn prancing around on mushrooms. Stirring hot and sour soup. Yesterday I took two elderberry lozenges in hopes of boosting my immune system. They were chalky chewables, supposed to be sucked on, but I chewed them anyway. The tartness was unexpected, but addicting and welcomed. It reminded me of grade school, eating candy on the playground in aftercare. Paying Chris’s brother Steve to go to Roth’s Deli and bring us back Peachy O’s and other candy delights in their yellow, red, and clear bags. Sour Punch straws before going to to the movie. Probably strawberry or blue raspberry. Warheads in my lunchbox.  Making my eyes tear and mouth water. The taste I could never get enough of. Well, maybe the mystery flavors I could. Generator of saliva. Tartness I craved. Steve would ride his bike back and forth from the playground because he wasn’t in aftercare. He always seemed so much older. Why do I feel like I’ve wrecked all my friendships?

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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