Flipping colors. Two colors in square patterns rippling across a square pond. Counting sheep, Dumbo dreams. Things like that.  Feel and smell the grain of cheap wood. Functional, absolutely. But cheap. There is finish and varnish to maximize appearances. Or it could be cheap paper cardboard. As long as there are enough squares and the colors differ from one to the next. Flat smooth checker pieces with jagged edges. The board could also house chess. All different types of pieces for that one. Communism vs. Monarchy. Butterflies flap and fly away down misty streams of abandoned billboards and advertisements. Flipping channels but can’t. Flipping the English Channel but can only swim it. Can only boat it. Dip my toe in. Row in. And out. That time in childhood when checkers was way more preferable and less complicated than chess. Those years wracking your own brain, my own brain trying to understand that game. Checkers was so much more simpler. Fun, faster. Easier. Now it’s not fun because it’s too quick, it’s too easy. It’s tic-tac-toe, essentially. There is something warm and fuzzy inside though about playing a board game. Usually with my Dad. Time always well spent. Maybe with a little music on. Maybe not. It can get so easy to get distracted. Maybe while eating something, maybe while drinking tea or espresso. It’s a day spent introverted and indoors, which I find is how I prefer to spend my days.

When we were shopping for a new board, in this instance, a chess board. My mom was convinced that she wanted a large, wooden stand-alone table that had a board painted on it. It took weeks, if not months of convincing and painstakingly telling her that that was so unnecessary. Not only was there no room in the house for it, but it wasn’t mobile. We couldn’t just pick up and play where we wanted. I’m so glad she never bought it because it would have been a waste and no one would have been happy. She actually doesn’t play, but my dad and brother do. It’s one of all our favorite things to do I think.

Checkerboard patterns are interesting. They can morph and duplicate. Stretch out forever or shrink down small like in Alice in Wonderland, which I never cared for the Disney cartoon version. I think it scared me too much. I didn’t understand. Not sure if I ever read the book either. It all seemed terrifying. These days I think there’s just better things to read. The acid trip scene in Dumbo is great though. In college (part 1) I would like to get very very stoned and halfway into munchies go to youtube and find that scene and watch it. It was constantly enjoyable and hilarious! I haven’t done that in awhile.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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