Asunder. The sea quakes open and attempts to swallow all marine life. “You and I are like when fire and the ocean collide”. Underwater volcano. Lava and water makes steam, threatens to dry up the ocean or light it on fire. There are no firefighting fish. They’re all reading books while wearing glasses. Arthur Read, perpetually in 3rd grade, always in a time loop. It’s Groundhog Day forever. Chris Brown never forgiven and ostracized forever. I can never consider myself a fan anymore, despite how good the song is. True colors. A Bob Ross palette I cradle in between my forearm, bent elbow, and upper arm. A shot for the pain. By needle by mouth. Two if by needle, one of by mouth. Emoji answers. Telephone ringing. “Three Miles Down”. All roads lead to Saves The Day lyrics and I cannot map it any other way. I bought a Snow Patrol CD around 2005 at FYE at Willowbrook Mall. I remember the store was playing a song from it over the speakers and I decided to buy it. If I had listened to that same record.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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