dream chords

I just awoke from a very interesting dream –

I was at an outdoor music festival…but no, wait. There was a scene before that. A scene I was not a part of, not present for, yet somehow still witnessed as though as was there. I mean, I was there – I saw it – But, I wasn’t really there. I saw it as if I were a spectre – spectre spectator:

It was nighttime in the forest, where the outdoor music festival would occur the next day. – where Maggie Rogers would be playing the next day. And it was cool and dark, with just enough moonlight to see. Dana wasn’t the drummer though. It was a drama / theatre teacher whom I had known throughout my childhood (named Dennis P – also funny how Dennis is..well was the drummer for Saves. Maybe my subconscious pulled the wrong Dennis. Ha. Also, it’s a “D” name, but not “Dana”; “Drama” also starts with a “D”). But in the dark, him and Maggie are alone outside at first and then in a car. And then he somehow comes out with it that he doesn’t like the set. Maggie is shocked and surprised and clearly upset with him. Perhaps asking things why he didn’t say anything sooner and what he means by that? And he is clearly terrified, but he stands by what he says anyway.

The rest blurs on and now we’re at the performance the next day. There is almost no one in this forest scene; Sunlight dapples against dry grasses. We’re in a clearing with the trees around us. I’m not even sure if Dennis P is drumming – I suppose someone is though; It soon becomes unimportant. Maggie and the band are going through the set and in one of the songs Maggie is holding the bass, but she’s also being held up by someone. And as she chooses the notes on the bass, Elle is striking them for her. Or maybe they were all open string notes (EADG). But one or two of the strings break (which is pretty hard to do on a bass, but it does happen). As a riff / drone plays in the background (which is supposed to be an extended intro for the next song), Maggie (and the person holding her up, maybe the bass player of her band, Brian) excuse(s) her/themself(ves) from the stage. So now it’s just Elle and whoever’s playing drums. And I see Elle left hand clearly, choosing the chords to this song, which I don’t actually remember hearing, but can definitely see her hands making chords. It’s not chords to anything I know.

I wake up now, remembering her hands and the frets she was on and the chords she chose. It is 6 AM and dark. I pick my Strat off the wall and start figuring it out in the dark – and I did. And I feel overwhelmed by this dream magic and I want to write this song for Maggie now, or at least, in the style of Maggie. The chords are something I would not have bothered to come up with on my own, but now, in this way/order, they take on new meaning. They are not currently a Maggie song.

In the past, I have written a full song while in the midst of a 10-15 meditation, I have remembered dream melodies upon waking up, but never have I remembered chords from dreams and have been able to successfully identify and play them.

I’m looking forward to hashing this song out. I’m already starting to hear where it’s supposed to go. I am in pleasant, stunned disbelief.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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