believe it or not

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – I’m still my PJs, it’s 7 PM on my day off drinking my first White Claw ever. So much for my whole introspection schtick about drinking. Speaking of that by the way, I ended up having a beer after I wrote that last post. Whoops. It’s a struggle I guess. I started to get stressed and anxious about the dog and whether or not my mom was really keeping an eye on him and I caved. It’s was an Ommegang Abbey Ale. Wasn’t bad, but too dark for summer. I got a lot of non-summery beers last time I went to Stew Leonard’s. The White Claw is interesting. Black Cherry flavor; Tastes a little too much like medicine, but it is refreshing. My aunt and cousin brought them over yesterday around lunch time. We had ordered food and they had come over to see the dog. I wanted to try one, but was leaving for work soon so I asked if I could take one to have it later. And now later is now.

I’m waiting for this big rainstorm/thunderstorm to hit. I’ve been getting weather alerts about it on my phone all day. Sky’s finally getting dark. Outside feels like soup.

It felt right to stay home today. I had preliminary plans to get my brows done and go to yoga, but I got really really tired after 3 and ended up taking a nap for like, an hour. I think it’s the heat. It felt good to sleep thought. Really good. These past two days have felt like a week. Work has been busyish and exhausting.

I’ve been thinking about why I feel like compulsion to blog. I think there is some sense of relief in unloading and “putting it all on the page”, yes. Definitely. But in my mind I also see these posts as little time capsules; Things I can look back on and reflect on in the future when my life is completely different. And I can read this post and be like, “Wow, I remember that summer night I was drinking a White Claw before that storm hit, the day before another studio session to put the finishing touches on my EP”. I don’t know why the sense of remembering and reminiscing feels nice, but it does. Maybe it’s this getting older thing. After a point, you can’t help but look back and remember.

A/C got fixed by the way. There’s a leak, but it’s working and my parents will probably have to replace the unit soon for a ton of money. But they’ve had the system for 14 years and they say that’s about how long they last.

It’s way too hot to walk tonight. And I think this rain is supposed to last, so that’s out. I’ll probably get my brows done tomorrow (either before or after I go to the studio) and go to beginner’s yoga on Saturday again. I meant to go to Restorative yesterday and today, but I slept too late (since I worked so late). Also, my mom had the car this morning and my dad and brother had already gone to work with their cars.

Today was a strange self-care day filled with carbs and TV and naps, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. It was medicine, it was needed, and I will go to bed tonight sleeping well and wake up refreshed tomorrow, ready to sink my teeth into another recording session.

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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