It’s Sunday morning and I just finished having a fairly delicious Honeycrisp apple with cinnamon and almond butter. You know when I woke up my body said, “Drape me in bacon!”, but my mind was more like, “Let’s go with that apple”. So I did. And I guess my body is appreciative of that too.

I was supposed to work today, but long story short ended up not having to. So now I’m off and home and it’s glorious. I think I want to focus on reading today. Finishing up The Goblet of Fire at least. That, and hanging up my guitar wall mounts with my dad. I’m trying to just clear some floor space in my room and the mounts weren’t expensive so I’m happy about that. Really getting into that spring cleaning vibe.

Yesterday I did end up going to yoga with a friend. It was a really challenging class (even for her and she’s a yoga instructor), but I tried to pace myself, breathe, take my time, and really move at my own pace, not doing anything that I knew I couldn’t or felt uncomfortable. I am sore today, but it’s not too bad.

It looks really beautiful out today. Crisp blue sky, barely any clouds, clear sunshine. But it’s still too cold to go on a walk. Though I just checked my weather app and it looks like it is supposed to get up to 58 today! I may go for a mid-afternoon walk if that’s the case.

But for now, I’m continuing to sip my mid-morning coffee and attempting to hold together the emotional fragility that often seems to permeate this household. -_-

It’s a task I find myself engaged in far too frequently.


Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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