Well folks, I SOLD THE TANGLEWOOD. Ugh, and it feels so GOOD. I was really over that guitar.

I did it all on Wednesday. Also sold two guitar pedals (Electro-Harmonix volume booster and a BOSS Overdrive / Distortion pedal I kinda bought by accident on eBay) and the amp (a Fender Combo FM25 Amp) I originally bought for my Squier Affinity Stratocaster when i was FIFTEEN (yes, the “franken-Strat”, which after some research I believe was made in 2003 in case anybody cares). I remember buying it too; the amp, that is. I went to Guitar Center with my mom and a friend of mine and saw the price point (I think it was less than $200) and decided right then and there to buy it (without even trying it! Just bought it on the spot. Whoops). I had bought the Squier within that week or so and realized I didn’t have decent amplification for it (I only had a small Fender Bass practice amp at the time). My mom likely paid for it, but I liked it and wanted it because it all these cool effects on it like Chorus, Flange, Delay, Reverb and all these tones like British (distortion, Zep kinda tone), Blues, Jazz, Clean, yada yada. But to be honest, I’ve grown bored and tired with that amp. And I don’t feel like I need those kinds of features anymore; I’m a more seasoned guitar player now who more or less knows what she wants, or at least can intelligently (attempt) to craft her tone the way she wants it. I’ve been playing guitar for about 14 years now. So while in the store, I ordered an Orange Crush 35RT amp as my replacement for the Fender. It’s about the same size, but more wattage, better tone, and looks sooooo cool. I actually did play it a little bit in the store (because it’s an Orange and it caught my eye) and I really liked what I heard and saw. I mean, I truly think the real test will commence once I get it home (they had to order it to the store because they didn’t have any left in stock – Should be coming Tuesday evening!) because that’s when I’ll have the freedom to really tinker around with it. But there were a few reasons why I really liked this amp:

  1. First off, it got really good reviews online. I did a quick search while in the store and this think got like, 4.7 / 5 stars. Even 5 / 5 in some cases. That’s really good. Some musicians said they’ve even gigged with this amp. I don’t gig often, but that factoid was important to me.
  2. There’s a clean switch and a dirty switch. That’s seriously all I need. I mean, of course there’s EQ on there too to shape the tone, but I liked that a lot. No frills. Simple.
  3. Then, there’s a TUNER on the actual amp. I LOVE that. No pedals, no Snark to clip onto the headstock. All I need to do is look at the top of the amp to tune. And there’s a reverb knob, which I think is a really nice touch.
  4. I liked the tone. I also liked the outrageous orange color.

It ran me about $250 and I’m going to be getting a 10% discount when I pick it up (they forgot to give it to me when I ordered it), since I was there selling stuff. That’s a bonus Guitar Center gives you in return.

So naturally, I’M STOKED. Still super undecided about what guitar to get next, but I’m feeling really good about this amp. I made a little over $400 with what I sold and I’m hoping to use that toward whatever guitar I get!

Updates to follow!

Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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