saving up

My dad’s in the other room listening to Whitney Houston while my mom is in the kitchen preparing dinner. John’s upstairs working on a paper, I think. And through the house pulses a peaceful current.

I went to Guitar Center today. It was my first time in a very long time. I’ve finally decided to take the step to inquire about selling some gear and am really looking into buying a Les Paul. I’ll have been playing for 14 years this April and I’m just ready for a change. I’m ready to start loving my gear, using and playing things that I like. Not using and playing things because it just happens to be what I have. And Les Pauls can get pricey, but I’m working a steady job and would likely make (interest-free) monthly payments on it instead of paying for it all at once. So I think it’s a possible purchase. I’m also working on cutting back my spending. I’m actually on the phone with AMC now working on canceling my monthly A-List subscription. It kinda breaks my heart to do it, but $24 / month while working mostly 4 day work weeks and going to yoga makes it very difficult to fit going to the movies at least 2-3 / month in my schedule. Since I’ve gotten A-List I feel like I’ve been forcing myself to go to the movies instead of genuinely wanting to go. Also with people using their cell phones so frequently in the theatre…yeesh. Read a post a wrote not too long ago on that. I’m on the fence about canceling Netflix, only because I don’t use it as frequently as Hulu…I also need to stop spending so much money on food and coffee. Maybe coffee’s not so terrible (I drink it black 99% of the time), but food adds up! Especially in New York! I really need to start making my lunch…I just paid off my credit card today, and let’s just say I had to pull some money out of my savings to make that happen. It sucks. I know the paycheck I’m getting at the end of this week will be significant (I had a really busy week last week), but the same day I get paid, I have to pay for my health insurance and it just goes on and on. My side job starts back up again soon though. So that’ll be more income, but less free time (hence the A-List cancellation).

Oh – And the reason why I’ve really been thinking about getting this guitar is because this past weekend I was recording in the studio and it finally started to dawn on me why Gibsons are so great. I hear it in the tone and sound quality. Side by side with my “franken-Strat” (my Fender Squier Stratocaster that’s had some work done to it), there’s no contest. I mean, I love that guitar, but Gibson guitars just bring another level of quality that the “franken-Strat” doesn’t have. And of course I can’t speak for all Strats, but mine I can speak for. It’s a great guitar and I love it and all the memories associated with it, but it’s time for a change. It’s time to start putting those wheels into motion and make dreams come true.

Author: Roe

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