please state the nature of the medical emergency

I’ve had weak ankles for as long as I can remember. I hated ice skating and roller skating because of it. I could never balance right. Those things were never fun for me. As I got older, they got worse and (long story short) I know wear orthotics custom-made for my foot. I’m usually really good with wearing them, but cheat a little when I wear slippers around the house or my winter Ugg boots after a snowstorm – then I don’t put the orthotics in. But I have flat feet, which makes matters worse and emphasizes why I really need to wear these orthotics at all times.

We recently had a bit of snow and I wore my Ugg boots for a bit shoveling and then for a full day afterwards (as a safety precaution not to slip on any ice). And the follow day, I felt my left ankle start to ache a bit. And this has happened. I usually ignore it and the pain goes away after a week or so. But the thing is, we’ve been working on balance a lot in yoga lately, which requires sometimes putting all our weight on one foot. I went to class Saturday despite my moderate body soreness (from a class I took Thursday) and decided to go in and just listen to my body and not try anything nuts. Well when it came time it balance on the left foot before going into tree pose, my left ankle flat out refused; Pain seared through the area and I was like, “Wow, okay that’s not happening”. And so I didn’t force it. Still, I think the attempt made it worse. When I got out of class, I felt it throbbing a bit. Putting any weight on it was very comfortable. So after my shower, my mom put a pain relief cream on it, I iced it for 10 minutes, and my mom (again, bless her heart) wrapped it in an ACE bandage. I tried to keep it elevated for most of the day.

I get worried when shit like this happens. There’s always those irrational thoughts like, “What if I never heal?!” or “Is this how it’s going to be forever? For the rest of my life?!”. But of course, I don’t think that’s really true. And in fact, (now that we’re on Day 3) it’s starting to feel a bit better! I think I just have to be gentle with it. Although the rest of my body will have to compensate, I find that putting weight on the right side of the foot and not the left side is helping tremendously. It’s really the area where the ankle and foot meet where the trouble is. I just hope I can get through my New York commute. There’s a few stairs I have to attempt. Ha! And I did get called into work early today, so. I’m off! Here’s hoping my Keens and ACE bandage will give me the support I need to make it through!

Does anyone else in their twenties sometimes feel like a fragile old woman sometimes?


Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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