nye 2018

100 years ago it was 1918 going into 1919.

You know, human beings have a penchant for believing that current reality remains permanent forever. But it’s not true. 100 years from now we will be in 2118 going into 2119. I will likely be dead, but everything will be different and beyond our wildest imagination and past our most absurd flights of fancy.

This has been the most chill New Year’s Eve I’ve had in awhile; no friend or family obligations. I’m home alone. The cold rain falls outside – and it’s nice.

I’ve been sipping whiskey throughout the night, snacking here and there. I just finished watching 11:59, a Star Trek Voyager episode about Janeway’s ancestor, Shannon O’Donnell, an early space engineer who Janeway has idolized since her youth, but later learns she’s not quite who she thought she was. I think the episode gets a lot of shit from fans, but it’s always been one of my favorites because 1) A lot of the episode takes place outside Voyager – Mulgrew plays O’Donnell who stumbles upon Portage Creek, Indiana in the year 2000 – so there’s a lot of filming that takes place outside the Voyager soundstage – plus it’s always a treat to see Mulgrew play another character – and 2) It talks about that even though sometimes our heroes and idols aren’t quite who we though they were, sometimes their character and the people they meet and leave an imprint on is really what makes them an integral part of our past, not necessarily the feats they accomplish or the fame they may get because of it. I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well or doing the episode justice, but it’s a goodie – And it’s on Netflix.

And speaking of Mulgrew, I finished listening to the Born With Teeth audiobook, which she reads – And oh! What an experience. She could read anything and I would gobble it up. What an excellent book. It’s one of my favorites. I also recently learned Mulgrew narrated an abridged version of Mosaic, which is a Janeway backstory novel written by Jeri Taylor So I started listening to that and even read along for awhile with my own copy.

Tonight I’ve also played guitar, practicing some of the songs I’m planning on recording in the studio this Friday. Really trying to get some lyrics right, rewriting them and making little changes here and there. Trying to get them perfect.

And I also watched some Brooklyn Nine-Nine, for laughs.

I found out a guy I graduated high school with, whom I just saw a month ago at a friend’s wedding, unexpectedly passed away from a drug overdose two days ago. And it gave me quite a shock, not because I was particularly close with him, but because it was literally a month ago when I saw him last. And he was a nice guy. We sat near each other at the church. And he didn’t recognize me in my dress and when I told him who I was, he was so excited and gave me a big hug. We hadn’t see each other since high school. That evening, we sat at the same table during the reception and enjoyed the party together.

I seem more open to writing in the cozy quiet of night, or right after a death. And I’m not sure why that is.

My parents just got home from a family gathering. They’re wet from the rain and tired while talkative. I just realized how late it is. 11:59 is coming up quick. But I feel no different when the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight. I never have. Always anticipated a change, but nothing ever happens.

However, my Dad’s made some chocolate tea for me. The TV is switched on CNN (to my dismay) and I will hit the “Publish” button and close the laptop for the night.

Happy New Year’s, everyone. Please strive to be happy and healthy.



Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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