I look at myself in the mirror in triangle pose.

Who is this girl?

My hair in free fall, like a lion’s mane. I look into my shrunken pupils,

I think about all the things I’ve said and done and need to do and I breathe, slowly.

Examining myself, looking at this thick girl in the mirror, thighs massive, defined biceps trying to shed their bottom fat.

And it’s okay. I’m not vain about it. But there’s something about acknowledging a reflection, finding the confidence in your own eyes to accept yourself and connect with the soul within you.

And when you’re home and in private, stand naked in front of your bedroom mirror and realize you will never have a Hollywood body – and that’s okay too.

And instead of picking out imperfections, find a place to love and appreciate.

The curve of the belly. The protrusion of the clavicle. The small of your own back.

It is in the this gradual acceptance and love of myself that I have found deep compassion for others.


Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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