Roe’s Best Albums of 2014: #3 – Forcefield by Tokyo Police Club

Artist: Tokyo Police Club

Album: Forcefield

Produced by: Doug Boehm and David Monks

Released: March 24, 2014

Forcefield-TokyoPoliceClubalbumThis isn’t Tokio Hotel, that weird German(?) screamo(-ish?) band. Get that shit out of your head. This is Tokyo Police Club: Your (new) favorite Canadian indie rock band. Fuck Arcade Fire.

This was the first good album I heard come out of 2014 and it nearly blew me out of the water. As soon as I played “Argentina” I was like, What the hell is this?!

I was first a fan of TPC in high school. I heard/saw “Tessellate” on MTV and really liked it. I liked a few other songs on Elephant Shell, but in recent years never really followed up with the rest of the band’s material.

I know reviews, expectations, and opinions of this record were low and many seemed unimpressed, even diappointed. I have to disagree; Though this album has more of a pop feel than TPC’s previous records it’s so nice and refreshing to listen to. Yes, “Hot Tonight” is clearly the single, but there are so many other wonderful tracks (see below). And to add to that fact, the album just flows so well and cohesively moves as a whole. I love the lyrics (though cheesy at times), the instrumention, the production, the panning, the rhythms, Dave Monks’ voice. I’m just all about this record. I love it. I get excited listening to it. I bought it on vinyl. (To those that don’t know me, I usually don’t do that unless I really like a record.)

Please do yourself a favor – Have a drink, sit down, and listen to this record. Fall inside like I did. It’s worth the time.

Listen to:

Author: Roe

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