Roe’s Best Albums of 2014: #7 – Hebrews by Say Anything

Artist: Say Anything

Album: Hebrews

Produced by: Max Bemis

Released: June 10, 2014

Album_cover_for_Hebrews_(June_10,_2014),_by_Say_AnythingI’ve already written about this album somewhat at length, and I’m not sure if there’s much left for me to say other than I believe this it was largely overlooked because the production and instrumentation and direction of this album was so darn ballsy and off-putting to those expecting something regurgitated. Many fans could not get over the hurdle that this album was not supposed to be like the others. With that said, I don’t think anyone could have gotten away with a crafting an album like Hebrews except for Max Bemis. His personal story and history as an individual/artist is a compelling one that I think translates well to a wide audience as they are able to relate literally and/or metaphorically.

No guitars, as many guest vocalists as in IDOTG, synths and strings aplenty with a doubleshot of musical theatre-whimsy, I’m so glad Max followed through with making this album, which I believe was a rebirth of sorts for him. Since he pushed the limits so far with this release, I’m curious to see what he does next in 2015, Two Tongues aside.

Listen to:

Author: Roe

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