Roe’s Best Albums of 2014: (Pre-)Countdown / Introduction

In years past, I would get easily irritated reading or watching “Best Album Countdown” lists on your typical mainstream publication or TV show, knowing there was better music out there, “better than that garbage, right?”. It would get me so heated that I would feel compelled to create my own compilation and publish it. But not having kept proper track throughout the year, I was at a loss of what to list and how to list it. What if I forgot something, or didn’t listen to a record as much as I should have before garnering my opinion? Well this year it’s all different; I’ve been documenting my favorite albums since the beginning of the year and I’m proud of my 12-album list I’ve been painstakingly keeping tracking of for months.

Since the inception of the list, I decided to list my favorite albums by release date order – not in order of my personal preference – because that’s what this is for!:

Since the year has nearly come to a close, I will now break down this list, one-by-one, ranked lowest to highest on the albums 2014 birthed to us, that I believe are worth mentioning, and most definitely worth listening to and sharing with others.

More soon_


Author: Roe

30. she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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