Don’t Look For Rihanna to Play the Super Bowl Anytime Soon…

“CBS and the NFL punished Rihanna for being a victim of domestic abuse”:

Now this issue is not black and white. I mean, I don’t believe anything really is anyway.

On one hand, yeah – This is really fucked up because “CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told Sports Illustrated” that “the decision to cut the Rihanna song was made because the network ‘needed to have…appropriate tone and coverage'”. So basically a near-executive decision is made to pull out a song (which by the way, only features Rihanna. I don’t think you could technically say it’s her song) simply because she is associated with domestic abuse a.k.a. Chris Brown, which also gyps her of royalties from the commercial song placement (at least one would think – Maybe Jay-Z gets all the moolah…Who knows?)

But what if they had left the song in? Don’t you think people would have commented on the insensitivity of CBS/the NFL for not taking it out? It’s a slippery slope.

Or (I hate to say) maybe no one would have noticed at all. I mean, the only reason this is probably in the mainstream media right now is because Rihanna took to Twitter to air out the situation:

And although I sympathize with Rihanna’s situation, CBS and the NFL are businesses – big businesses. And the United States is founded on the high holy principles of corporate capitalism (which is not necessarily “right” or “excusable”, but the point needs to be made to understand both sides of this). Therefore it helps the business play it safe but not calling further attention to itself in light of the Ray Rice case. I agree that this puts Rihanna in a bad light and makes her look like she is being penalized and discriminated against for her history as a domestic violence victim, but I do not believe that was CBS nor the NFL’s intent, despite the fact they they are backers of 99.9% male dominated organization. I believe this was an attempt to cover all tracks as to not make the organization seem more insensitive and biased than it already appears to be. But in all honesty the NFL is damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t, and I think this issue proves that; No matter where they turn, they’re going to look bad either way – The Ray Rice case on their side of the coin becomes more sketchy by each passing day.

UPDATE: It was just announced that CBS has dropped the song altogether –

“CBS permanently drops Rihanna song after she tweets ‘Fuck you'”:

With the ongoing Carrie Underwood jam, I thought the NFL was headed in more a Country direction anyway –

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