RKB-Curated Playlists

Hey y’all –


First off, sharing music with others has always been one of my favorite things. It’s always been a kind of self-expression for me – the mere sharing of it. Like, “Hey these songs are cool. I get feelings when I listen to them. Maybe you will too and understand me a little better”. You know? Like that. Playlists are the new mixtapes these days.

With that in mind, I just wanted to announce I will be curating monthly playlists for your (and my) listening enjoyment, to share and document the songs I’m really into that month (via Spotify). You know the jams that really move me, make my head nod, or I just lyrically relate to on an insane level.

I’ll post a new playlist around the 1st of each month and keep adding to it until the month’s over. It’s also almost like a time capsule for me in a way, so I can go back on occasion and know exactly what I was listening to then in case I wanna cross-reference to the present. (I do this more often than you’d think)

I already posted the embedded playlist for August in my Boombox tab, but I’ll also post it below.

Hope you enjoy, guys!

This should be fun!

xo -Roe


Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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