Lana Del Rey Is More Interested in Space Than Feminism and That’s OK

Perfect article.
“Lana Del Rey is an enigma to be reckoned with—one that doesn’t need to identify as a feminist to do feminist work.”

Consequence of Sound

Photo by Clarissa Villondo

It’s become the litmus test for famous young women, and yesterday, Lana Del Rey became the latest to fail. Or succeed, if you’re one of the publications who splattered her answer into a quick news byte. A young female celebrity’s answer to the question “are you a feminist?”, whether it’s a yes or a no, draws buzz, clicks, and controversy. Say yes and she risks angering the humanist-not-feminist crowd or alienating those who try to keep their culture clean of politics. If she says no, she draws the ire of activists, who’ll dismiss her as a bad role model.

The question’s a lose-lose, and journalists keep forcing it on young women who are on the cusp of releasing a major artistic project. Twenty-two-year-old actress Shailene Woody, a new face in the forthcoming film The Fault in Our Stars, answered negatively when TIME asked last month…

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