Day 2: What’s Your Name?

♫”Oh, na-na -“♫

Just kidding, Rihanna fans.

Today’s challenge is, What’s Your Name?. The assignment: To edit the title and tagline of my blog and make a text widget summarizing what my blog is all about.

Well I didn’t want to change the title. I like “Roe Knows Best” a lot. It just has a nice ring to it. Since I’m kind of floundering about my daily life with my indifferent expectations and unknown future ahead, I guess that’s the kicker – What exactly do I know? The darker part of my psyche says, “Nothing! You know absolutely nothing! What are you doing? Get back into bed and bask in sublime unconsciousness forever”. But another voice, no louder than the whisper of wings, tugs back and replies, “You are figuring it out. This is the beginning of your journey. The longer you keep at it, the more will be revealed to you. All in good time”. And maybe that’s my goal: To eventually have the answers to my many questions, blogging about my experiences and realizations so it becomes knowledge others can utilize when they find themselves in the same boat as me. I like connecting and sharing stories. One of the many joys I get out of performing live is having the few listeners approach me afterwards expressing their exuberance that I sang about something they’ve known too well, something they’ve been going through too! “This is what happened to me. I can’t believe it happened to you too!” Connections. It feels good when that happens. I feel like I’ve successfully contributed to something; I’ve made contact somehow.

I did ponder the tagline though: “23-year-old college grad in a constant state of curiosity and (self)discovery”. I feel like I’ve evolved since this past June when I began the blog. Not to say I’m not still in those constant states, but now that I’ve written a few posts I wanted to redefine the scope and rephrase what I’m all about. So I changed it to,”23-year-old college grad surfing the tidal wave of Life”. Now, I don’t surf. Never have. Maybe one day I will, but I cling to that surfing metaphor; I feel its accuracy is profound. Because isn’t that all what it is? Us trying to keep our balance through our respective thrills and terrors, trying not to wipe out and fall off the board?

I added the text widget, as you can probably see on your upper right. I may change the words around, but I figured that was the best way I could summarize the blog. Like a piece of dough being flattened by a rolling pin, I am still working myself out and trying to figure what I’m all about. It’s a process, but writing helps me put things into perspective.

And I thank you most graciously for reading 🙂

Author: Roe

she/her. Songwriter & Trek Punk Soul™.

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